Drawing an animal reflects their true beauty and personality in a unique way.



I started drawing with passion at about eight years of age. My love of wildlife led me to pick up an illustrated guide to British birds - I was fascinated by the beautiful colours and textures of the feathers. Starting in watercolour and ink, I worked my way through the book, copying the birds and learning their names.


I studied A-Level Art at school, being inspired by the detailed work of M.C Escher.


The custom pet portraits all began as a favour for a work colleague who needed a birthday present. Through word of mouth, my orders built up and I started the adventure :-)


Being able to combine my lifelong devotion to animal welfare with a longing to produce art has been fantastic.




I use watercolour or graphite pencil in two different styles - the first is a highly detailed realistic representation which requires many hours of work, as each individual hair is drawn. The second is a loose, sketchy style comprising wash and pencil outlines.


Commissions are welcomed in either style and I also sell prints or hand finished prints of the sketches.


You can see your painting come to life by following my blog. This is carried out by request only - just in case your commission is for a surprise gift!

Malaysian fish owl pencil sketch. Tiger watercolour pencil study.

How it all came about

Early pieces

How it's done