How to order a custom pet portrait

Easy steps


First, decide what sort of portrait you would like - either a highly detailed watercolour, or a sketchy illustration (for more details, go to my home page and click on 'Detailed custom portraits' or 'Sketchy custom portraits').


Second, get a photograph/s - digital or scanned prints. Email me the photograph/s as a jpeg. (Unfortunately I cannot accept prints through the post in case they become lost or damaged) I am happy to advise the suitability of the image before undertaking any work.


Third, email me details of your requirements including the size and if you have a particular deadline.


Alternatively, if you want a pre-set size, follow the links to my Etsy shop at the bottom of this page.




What happens next


I will reply to your email advising you of the suitability of your photograph, and give you a quote for your commission. I will also let you know approximately how long it will take.


I then start the portrait, keeping in touch with you throughout. If you wish, you can request to see your work come to life on my blog.


You will receive an email with a copy of the completed picture to check you are happy with it before it is sent out.


The bill, to be paid via paypal is then emailed to you.


I post the artwork out upon completion of full payment.


If you are not happy with the portrait, you will be offered a full refund.




If you purchase through Etsy, the same applies, but you pay first.



Contact me:


Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements.


Tel: 07792115610


Email: [email protected]




Purchase a sketchy illustration via Etsy Purchase a detailed portrait via Etsy